Morwell Kit Homes

Architecturally Designed Kit Homes Morwell

When comparing Kit homes in Morwell it’s important to look at design, price, quality and customer service. Our team has done extensive research to find the best kit homes in Morwell.  You can also look at other locations in Victoria.


Architecturally designed kit homes are the future of modern living having set a new standard for the real estate, housing and design industries. Achieving what has eluded so many overbudget houses and developers. An aesthetically pleasing, customisable product, that is cost and energy-efficient. Why is it the future? Because it is simple. Choose a starter design you love and then just alter the plan to suit your requirements with one of our architects. Build your award-wining architectural home on a budget.

What is a Kit Home?


Kit homes are prefabricated houses that are designed and built offsite in a factory. Then the supplier just transports the materials to your site. There are quite a few differences between them and traditional homes, as well as a few advantages and drawbacks that come with the specific characteristics of the construction.

This method of constructing a house is planned to much more detail than traditional extensions, renovations, or one-off architectural designs. It is more productised, with pricing and change options, but can lack the flexibility fo a custom house design and build. However, it makes up for it in the price. And often, it is a better outcome in the long run, taking the best of modern design principles. Also, the construction process is usually much cheaper because there is a set and proven plan that the trade contractors or builder can follow

Design and permits in Morwell

The design process for kit homes begins when an interested buyer goes to a kit home provider and meets with a team of engineers to find out exactly what kind of home they are looking for. That’s when the company takes all of the necessary calculations and measurements and makes plans to start building. 

After the kit home provider draws up the blueprints, the next step is to apply for all of the necessary permits. Many companies will provide you with the documents, but you as an owner will have to take care of the procedure yourself. The construction of the components for the kit home can begin as soon as the permits are completed, or even while they are being processed.


Each piece of the structure is built separately and later assembled on the property of the buyer, though not by the company that designed and made the kit home. This means that the owners need to hire a contractor in order to connect all of the sewage, water, and power lines, and supervise the construction and assembly of all of the components.

As for the timeframe of a standard construction period, a standard kit home should go from the design stages to a finished house in three to six months depending on weather conditions, a bit longer if the dimensions are a bit larger, if there are certain additions that need to be added or if there are some other unavoidable circumstances that slow down the build.

From beginning to end, every buyer will need to be present for every step of the process.

Kit home prices in Morwell

Aside from contacting the providers directly or looking through catalogues of homes similar to what you have in mind, there really is no accurate way to get a close estimate for how much the house you’re planning to get will cost.

Aside from the additional costs like the permits and assembly that aren’t covered in the price of the kit home itself, there are also a few other problems that get in the way of an accurate estimation.

However, while we may not be able to tell you the exact costs, there are a few figures that we can share based on prices put together from some of the more popular kit home sites. Spending anything between $20,000 and $30,000, will only afford you a one, or possibly a two-room, house that’s more fitting for a cottage or a small vacation home, rather than a constant living space.

Kit houses generally go into the six-figure range when they have five or at least four rooms, and the more high-end homes with all of the additions and luxuries can set you back for anything between $200.000 or $300,000 and up.

Keep in mind that the cost of a kit home is going to significantly vary depending on the size of the house itself, the location and the local construction costs, and the exact additions that you might be planning to incorporate.